A reference point after the purchase


A reference point after the purchase

When you’re away during the long winter months, we check the heating, electrical, alarm, and video surveillance systems of your home and keep them efficient. Every inspection will be documented with photos showing the actions that need to be taken.

Garden cleaning and maintenance

To make your property cosy and welcoming all year round, you also must take care of your garden, hedges and lawns. We can do it for you, relying on the best professionals in this sector. We can periodically clean your garden when you don’t use the house or stipulate a yearly maintenance agreement.

Cleaning and laundry service

Even an inhabited house needs to be cleaned from time to time, especially before your arrival, during your stay and after your departure. You can also rely on our laundry service to clean your towels, sheets and linen in general.

Swimming pool maintenance

There’s no better place than by the swimming pool to bask in the sun and gaze at Piedmont’s landscapes. Relying on specialised operators for cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool from spring to autumn is essential.

Urgent repairs and maintenance operations

Every property needs periodic maintenance and may even require urgent repairs. Thanks to our network of professionals across the territory, we carry out any scheduled or urgent maintenance operation.

Checking your post and bills

During our periodic inspections at your house, we can check your letterbox for you. Moreover, we can pay your bills for you through your bank account.

Calculating and paying annual taxes

Paying your property-related taxes is no longer a problem. We can calculate and pay your taxes within the deadlines set by Italian laws.

Designing and renovating homes

Our core business is designing and renovating houses, accommodation facilities, and farmhouses. For further information, visit  www.ghidone.it.


Piemonte Property Management is a service provided by Studio Ghidone, an architectural firm with 25 years of experience. This service of holiday house management has been created to meet the requirements of our international clients, who want to buy a house in Piedmont, especially in the areas of Asti, Alba, Langhe, Monferrato and Roero. After all these years spent renovating homes, we realised that our clients needed a reference point after the purchase or renovation of their house. Someone who could manage daily maintenance and promptly intervene whenever needed. We have put together the people, companies and artisans we have collaborated with in all these years to provide you with the best service. English is our second language, so whether we speak on the phone, by email or face-to-face, we will always understand your needs.

What they say about us


Studio Ghidone is a professional firm, and my experience with them was excellent. I leave my house without any worries, as if I were staying there.

Giorgio massetti


This firm takes its clients’ requirements very seriously. They met all my requests quickly and professionally.

Andrea Rinaldi


My swimming pool is always in perfect conditions. I always find it clean when I arrive and they keep it that way when I don’t use it.

Gloria Ansaldi


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